• BLESSING THE FLEET is a documentary film about the depletion of salmon habitat in the upper Skagit River of Washington State. The film uncovers how salmon depletion in the river has had a negative impact on the culture of Native Americans who have lived there for thousands of years.

  • A young woman finds herself in an abusive relationship. Should she leave or stay…

  • HIGH VALUE is a narrative about four people who find a point of resolution living with climate change years in the future when basic human needs are paramount for survival. The setting is in western Kansas in the year 2056. Due to a shortage of water and other resources, there is a great human migration away from uninhabitable regions. Written and Directed by Chuck Cranston

  • The rules of a game are not always clear. Sometimes there are games where the end is neither understood nor wanted, and winning might require you to lose.

  • DOGS OF EDEN is a film trailer and promo. The setting is pre-civil war Kansas,1856-1858, and is based, in part , on real events of the time. The story of mixed cultures centers on an African American girl who is purchased for $800 to work at Shawnee Mission Indian School in Kansas.

  • Promotional trailer for the short film, High Value.

Short Film samples

Telemark Pictures

Short Films
Production Company - Telemark Pictures
Director - Chuck Cranston
Cinematographers - Jason Cantù, Neal Bontrager, Ben Faires

Significant Screenings
Trail Dance Film Festival - Winner
PBS - National and International Consortiums
Film Collection, Museum of the American Indian