PROJECTS :    Currently developing a screenplay for a short narrative to be produced later this year as a mobile film, although that could change.   Urban setting in present day.  Two principles.  Not much else to tell about it at this point.   Ongoing photography.   

ABOUT:       This website showcases short film samples, mobile cinematography and still photography.  

Filmmaker & Photographer Chuck Cranston is known for his narrative films that tell stories of both Native American and African American culture.  He is also known for the short narrative film “High Value”, a story about a time in the future when climate change is causing mass migration and a shortage of water in North America.  He has also done documentaries about the need for conservation of groundwater in the Northern Plains, and the struggle to protect salmon habitat for Native American tribal fishing along the Skagit River in the Pacific Northwest.  

The Photography Gallery exhibits artistic, nature and landscape scenics from the Great Plains to the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains.  The Mobile Film Gallery explores use of mobile (phone) cameras for cinematic expression and art.  In addition, there is a gallery providing stills of featured work with a few behind-the-scenes images.  

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